Talking About Your Desires With Your Partner: How?

One of the most frequent topics I have with people is HOW to talk about their sexual desires, especially “kinky” ones with their partners. It’s never easy to whisk away the potential shame or embarrassment that can come with outing one’s bents, but it is always a way of getting to know each other better, find out more about your compatibility and what interests you. I didn’t get a chance to mention talking about fantasies here, (tip: while in bed, gently setting the scene verbally while masturbating your partner, or perhaps while discussing a book or a movie are other ways of bringing up your kinks), but I did have a great conversation with Charlotte from The Pleasure Mechanics about the value of clear communication.

I will offer more tips and techniques in a future post, but watch now to hear about why it’s important and how to go about it:

Talking About Desire