Bottoms Up! 10 Ways of Being a Great Bottom

Oftentimes people conflate the terms “bottom” and “submissive” – to which I cringe because they are distinguishable. Today we will be discussing ten of the top ways of being a great bottom, specifically in Kink/BDSM, (if interested in how to be a better top, go HERE .  The noun is a “bottom” and the verb is “to bottom”. A “bottom” is a term originally derived from gay male culture that connotes a sexual positioning preference, generally meaning the one who is the receptive partner, (as opposed to top which indicates the active partner, or switch suggesting giving and receiving), and for our purposes today indicates the person receiving physical activity from a top. Read more

Venus In Fur San Francisco

I had a wonderful opportunity to see a production with ACT, (American Contemporary Theater), recently of Venus in Fur, and adaptation to the novella written by Sachor Von Masoch whose name is the origin of Masochism. If you are not familiar with the book, (he woos his Wanda, a beautiful, wealthy, young woman and “transforms” her into his cruel venus then leaves her in the end), which begs the question of who is master, who is slave, no worries! This production spells it out with a contemporary edge that is delightfully cunning, yet not overly clever. I was fixated for all 90 minutes. Brilliant!

And right now, ACT is offering a special promo for kinksters and curious ones. Here it is:

A.C.T. presents the acclaimed new comedy, Venus in Fur at the Geary Theater. When a young actress auditions for a new play based on the classic novel about sexual domination, the rehearsal room explodes into a playful, witty, and erotic game of cat and mouse between her and a gifted young director. Hailed by theNew York Times as “90 minutes of good, kinky fun” you can save up to 50% off tickets to select performances through April 3. To save, order online at and use promo-code dominance when ordering. All tickets / discounts subject to availability. Tickets must be ordered by March 28.

Enjoy the Show!

Sexuality: How to Encapsulate it in a Few Minutes!

This snappy video encapsulates Gender and Sexuality Studies in one small piece. I kinda love this guy. I keep finding his videos even though I’m not sure exactly who he is. Do you? In any case, he hit the nail on the head for me when he said this “So a biological female can be a man who only has sex with women despite the fact that he’s attracted to both men and women and kind of feels more comfortable in feminine gender roles. That may not be the most common combination of these factors, but it’s certainly not weird.”

Right on. It almost describes me in fact!

Watch this VIDEO to hear all about it.