Want to Gain Incredible Topping Skills?

Whether you think of yourself as shy or a powerhouse, expanding your erotic skill set will only help you grow into the Delightful Dominant who knows how to take charge in a gracious and consensual fashion.  Being a great top does not mean being an insensitive libertine – it means being able to help your bottom feel safe and delighted by your touch so that they will return over and again.

You will gain ancient and contemporary techniques in:

Genital Massage (over 1oo techniques with Elysium Training!)

Internal Massage (over 1oo techniques with Elysium Training and more intense practices with Bondassage)

Restraint (from mild to extreme, quick ties and more, primarily Bondassage)

Taking your receiver under (how to invite and encourage sexual surrender without crossing boundaries)

Total Power Exchange (maintaining and nurturing deeper surrender)

and the tools you need to create your outrageously unique Bondassage and Elysium Experiences for your friends, lovers, or clients.

Who is Bondassage and Elysium Training For?

In a word, Anyone looking to delight their friends, partners, lovers, and clients with a sensual, truly one of a kind experience that will leave them clamoring for more!

More specifically, professionally:  FBSM, Tantrikas, Dakinis, Escorts and Dominatrices.

Bring sensual and edgy pleasure to your lovers without hurting or harming them.

Why Certify?

Frankly, my business doubled once I was certified!  I gained a new “family” and clients and locations all over the world. Certification has paid itself back ten fold.

Further, you will be taught tried and true sequences that will not only wow your partners, but also give you material to work from for the rest of your career. Clients will know that you have been comprehensively Bondassage or Elysium trained and will be rest assured that their experience will be of the most reliable and relaxing they can find. Finally, even if you are not interested in practicing professionally at this time, you will have all the skills in your back pocket to practice and play with ease.

What does Certification Get Me?

Once you are part of the Bondassage Family you have immediate access to amazing resources, such as  Jaeleen and myself and all of our knowledge, teaching, and writings. You will also be connected to all the other Bondassage practitioners world wide through private online and in person groups wherein we build support and assistance, share information, exchange ideas, provide travel and lodging tips and more. We also offer yearly Master Classes and Socials, FREE!

Can I take the training without becoming certified?


No matter what, you will learn to take your partner on amazing, trusting, edgy, hot journeys. So, whatever your desire to learn, certification is only a bonus.

The 2-day Basic Individual Bondassage Certification Professional Training   $3295

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The 3-day Individual Bondassage and Elysium Certification $4295

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Small Group Training:

Group work can be a great way to learn with another practitioner or two whilst obtaining your certification. The advantage of course is that it is less expensive. Considerations are: timing, (only offered at set times), and less individualized training to you and your partner’s needs.

Two Person Bondassage  Certification $3000 per person

Two Person Bondassage and Elysium Certification $4000 per person

I am committed to the QTPOC Sexworker and Low-Income communities. Talk to me about sliding scale, barters, etc! Easiest way to reach me: PHONE 415 994 2887

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