Being a cultured and sophisticated woman, I absolutely adore fine and interesting dining, cultural excursions, and traveling to new and exotic locations. I am also adept at discreet public scenarios and long term and extended stays. To give you an idea of some possibilities, read on…

Initial Meeting

Some of my particular specialties include but are not limited to the following:

  • Bondage, from light restraint to heavy predicament.
  • Sensory stimulation, deprivation, mummification, altered states.
  • Gender Play, from cross-dressing to complete transformation.
  • Domestic Servitude, including, but not limited to, sissy-maid training.
  • Objectification, in all forms including inanimate objects.
  • Medical Play, including electricity and invasive procedures.
  • Specialized Fetishes, tickle torture, shaving, rubber, and others.
  • Animal and Age Play, dog, pony, and kitten training, fantasy only.
  • Domestic Discipline, spanking, paddling, and caning.
  • Corporal Discipline, whipping and flogging.

A brief in person Introductory session wherein we determine compatibility, short and/or long term goals. 90 Minute minimum for initial meeting. 600


1 hour 460
90 minute (minimum for first meeting) 600
2 hours 800
3 hours 1200

300 per hour each hour after the first 3
overnight and extended stays start at 3,000

*established clientele grandfathered in at previous rate

Overnight & Extended Rates

2,500 for a day
3,600 for overnight stays


Dominant Consort

If you really wish to pick the brain of a mature and elegant Dominant woman, take the time to really relish in the wonders of Female Dominance. This could take the form of a lovely dinner, a show, and a training session. Perhaps traveling together or having me come to you? (Oui, Je Parle Francais) Or of course, you could leave it to my wicked imagination wherein I take complete control of all scenarios. Whatever the case, I will insure that your boundaries will be pushed, your expectations exceeded.

*A mandatory meeting is necessary to see me for more than three hours unless you are highly recommended by a colleague who I know personally.

**Additional travel and lodging fees may apply.

Bondassage and Elysium

Elysium is a slower, gentler version of Bondassage (the focus is on devastatingly slow, connected, innovative sensual internal and external massage, edging, and ecstatic release), light restraint, gentle blindfold, prolonged touch. Elysium stretches your erotic boundaries, transporting you to new realms of pleasure.

Bondassage brings even more sensation and extreme touch, combining bondage, sensory deprivation, corporal sensation, with intense massage.

Phone/Skype Coaching

I am always available for Skype, FaceTime or Zoom coaching at 160 hourly.

Please contact me at 415 994 2887 or email me at to schedule.

For more information, please see