Peg Your Heart Out and Feel it All! Injoyus Review

Walking into the lobby of Catalystcon West 2014, I wondered what my purpose was being there. Sure, I had a panel wherein we would discuss the complications around private vs public in the sex lives of industry people, but surely there was more. Within a half an hour of being in the lobby, I was introduced to the Injoyus, an incredible harnessless pegging device. As a 20 plus year player of strap on, pegging, harness and dildo play, I had never found an “ultimate solution”.

Sure, there are many terrific and not so terrific possibilities out there, and they all largely require what is commonly known as a harness. Without going into details about the pros and cons of harness wearing, just imagine this: your tits are perky or you wear a bra, your teeth are straight or you must wear braces…the reality is most female id’ed or non-potruding bodies of any gender don’t have the additional equipment to encourage “hands free” penetration. The harness holds the dildo/phallus/toy in place for comfort and ease. But it digs into your flesh, requires certain body sizes, and oftentimes is simply cumbersome.

Oh yes, there are now several options for “harnessless” strap on and pegging devices, and in my experience, and many others I know, they are simply not up to snuff. They won’t stay in, they flop about, one end is wrong for the receiver of that end, or they’re made of a really crappy material with chemicals.

Bring on the Injoyus! Designed and built by a Physician’s Assistant who took four plus years to painstakingly modify the device, it now stands, as far as I know, as the ONLY two way insertable (harness less strap on), that not only gives the receiver much pleasure, the wearer too can attain incredible orgasmic release and also have the added bonus of feeling what it’s like to actually have another pleasure appendage.

Here’s how it works: the wearer/giver places into their vagina/pussy/hole between the ass and the urethra a round, medical silicone grade insertable piece, that acts as the stay in piece, or “locking device” if you will. I’ll call it the base. It sits against the pelvis, for some of us, like a joey in its mother’s pouch     

So comfy! Then, you can attach one of the insertables, the more dildo shaped piece, for the receiver’s pleasure. In a word, once in place, the wearer/giver can squat, walk, lie, even dance and the Injoyus will not fall out. Honestly, having mutual sexual pleasure with your partner from the inside out is quite like nothing else available to us on earth, only fantasies!

Sure, there are a couple of down sides, the Injoyus base, currently does not “fit” every body. The good news is, they back their products 100%. You can return it if it does not fit! Who ever heard of that?

Also, there are currently, no color options for the base, (and they chose a creamy color), but the attachments come in pink, purple, and black, (see the image).

I enjoyed my time at CatalystCon, and I particularly “Injoyed” the Injoyus, and I have ever since. I love “her” so much I’ve named her Francis. Yep, our relationship is that special, and if you would like to own one go HERE and be sure to put in EVE1 for 10% off.  Here’s to a world where the Injoyus becomes a widely used pleasure device within the expansive world of sex and exploration!

Best First or Only Sex Toys Ever?

LOTS of people ask me what my favorite sex toys are, (including the ever wonderful Good Vibrations –  and I have many many options at my disposal! But if you want to slim it down to two pieces under 200 bucks, here’s my deal:

The Betty Dodson Vaginal Barbell combined with the Hitachi Magic Wand are the BEST!

Although the barbell says “vaginal”, it actually works amazingly well on the prostate and anally for women also. Easy to clean, sterilizable, lasts for life, it’s worth every cent and then some too.
Pair it with the Hitachi Magic Wand and you’re set for life for under $200!


My two cents:)



Form Follows Function, or Does it? The Liberator Obéir Spanking Bench Review

If you are familiar with the Liberator line of sex gear, then you know, more or less, what you are in for. Their pieces are generally easy to use and are often a cross between chic bean bag chairs and useful sex furniture. In a word, they are often functional and pretty (to a point).

I once owned a Liberator Wedge, which was fabulous in theory, but because of its bulk and size, it rarely got used for its intended purposes; living in San Francisco does not afford itself to a lot of space. Having said that, it did exactly what it promised, offering a firm yet cushiony goodness to any sexual activities that require a bit of height or physical adjustment. It’s easy enough to clean, as the covering is removable for the wash. However, I usually like to throw a towel or pad over the top to save myself the hassle of unzipping the tightly bound sheathing and trying to restuff the piece later. Putting a barrier on will not keep you from having to wash it, but will reduce the need to do so.  In any case, I digress… or do I?

she's a squirmer!

she’s a squirmer!

I received the Obéir Spanking Bench from the fine folks at Good Vibrations to give it a whirl.  The Obeir is not unlike the Wedge, as it is soft, cozy, functional and pretty. It is also not unlike the wedge because of its cumbersome girth and its inability to be used for anything other than its intended purpose. Admittedly, I have used both of them as leg props, with some success, for ease on my weary back. The Wedge is much more useful for this purpose because of its lower height.

wanna dance?

wanna dance?

The Obéir is pretty enough and practical enough, but really, just barely enough.  Yes, it has detachable bondage straps that are made of fabric and Velcro, but it’s easy to free oneself from them. And they also are long enough to allow the bottom (the spankee, the one on the bench) to freely flop around. Ease of freedom and movement may sound like a clever and safe idea, but not with real bondage. Unless you put mitts or vet wrap around your bottoms hands and they happen to also be a 90 pound wimp or passive doll, almost anyone, and I do mean anyone, can escape this thing. So it’s not really about the restraint — unless your bottom is very “good” and will not try to escape. Further, it rocks over. No matter what size person I have tried it with, they hold their “restrained” hands on the floor to secure themselves and the piece from toppling over. Not super useful.

I had a few friends try it out also, and although we all find it to be aesthetically pleasing, and somewhat functional, its use does not make up for the space it takes, especially in San Francisco. If you want to create a swinger, kink light effect in your home, the Obeir could go nicely with adult decor. And if you have enough space to store it between uses, that could appeal to you. But, if you are seeking more utility and less clutter, learn to bind your partner over the bed or a couch. You will save space and get the job done!

oops! she got free!

oops! she got free!