Want To Learn To Be A Dominatrix?

I love teaching, especially the up and coming Dominatrix. Whether you come from such fields of sex works as Full Body Sensual Massage, Bondage Modeling, Exotic Dancing/Stripping, Escort, GFE, you get the value of the work.

Do you need to deepen and expand your skills, (energy, corporal, client relations, etc), gain more camaraderie, (peers and like minded colleagues from all over the world), & develop better business practices (legalities, business licensing, marketing) etc?

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Mistress Eve

Sexual Knowledge is Sexual Power

Hello Dear and Lovely Erotic Explorers,

Happy International Women’s Day!

As you may know we are living in some pretty surreal times and that personal power is constantly being redistributed. Sometimes we actually feel quite powerless and vulnerable, but the more we learn, the more we self empower. The act of self empowerment can wash over into many areas of our lives to bring us the confidence and strength to thrive!

On that note, I’d like to share a note from my dear friend and colleague, Cléo Dubois: Read more

Evolutionary Explorations

Hello My Lovely Erotic Explorers,

Welcome Spring!

We just finished an incredible weekend bonding with an amazing group of eight women all perfecting their skills and savvy in Erotic Dominance. Gaining more creativity, pleasure, and spontaneity in play brings more confidence!

Our next Intensive is for male tops and switches and occurs in June. For more information, check the SM-Arts website.

The Lair

The Lair is up and running and becoming more functional and beautiful all the time. I recently acquired a Venus for Men and I still have my Black Magic XL
In synch with each other, I call it the Decimator! Ask me about it:)

DomCon Guest of Honor

Los Angeles May 13th-17th: I’m excited this year to be a Guest of Honor at DomconLA . I have not been in five years and will be presenting an industry only panel. It will be a great joy to see colleagues and clients of course. Looking very much forward to this!

Memphis, Tennessee

May 18th-30th Memphis, Tennessee Just after DomCon, I am flying out to Memphis to take a lead role in a forthcoming film by Madsen Minax called Kairos Dirt. Although I will be quite concentrated on my performance, I may have special time available for teaching and training. Ask!

And of course, those of you who know me well, know I’ve been looking forward to my fiftieth birthday for years now. It’s June 20th. I am planning on something special each month for the year. Some fresh ideas are: taxidermy class, tap dance lessons, sailing, and trips to France, Bali, and Mexico! If you’d like to ameliorate my well being and incite my vast imagination, I encourage you to donate some energy or services. Contact me  for more information on how you can make my 50th birthday special.

Presents are lovely, but the gift of your being is also a treasure. Consider booking a session in SanFrancisco.

In love and kink,

Eve Minax

Folsom Flavors and More…

Welcome to Leather Week here in San Francisco! The attached image is me with a “friend” at Folsom Street Fair 2010. So much going on this week: leather history with Cleo Dubois and Fakir Musafar, a talk on the history of the Folsom Street Fair with the inimitable Gayle Rubin, parties galore…

and the list of events go on, including:

Lock and Load: From Tie and Tease to Chastity Please! at bond.com through kink.com and the Armory this Saturday September 20th and it’s Sold out! Come check out the festivities anyhow. It should be stimulating;)

Next on the agenda, we have a couple of spots left in the next Women’s Erotic Dominance Intensive. It will be the last one this year, so if you’ve been on the fence about taking it, now’s the time. Go here for more info: http://www.sm-arts.com/wp/weekend-intensives-2/erotic-dominance-intensive-for-women-45/

Save the Date: Tuesday October 21st at the SF Citadel the premiere of “Making Messes of Men in Dresses! Feminization for Fun, Frolic, and the Future”. As some of you may know, I take “feminization, cross-dressing, gender play, etc” very seriously and I have an amazing time doing it. I hope you’ll join me in this bound to be fabulous frenzy of feminization!

Finally, I am super proud and happy to announce the opening of “Eve’s Rumpus Room and Sensual Parlor” at a private location in the Potrero Hill are of San Francisco. Not only am I conducting private sessions, I am also offering it as a Erotic Sleepover Spot and hourly play space. Here is a rough first listing on airbnb. I also have it listed on Fetlife (I’m Minax there), but please feel free to inquire directly for more information.

In love and kink,


Sex Life Work Life and Chastity in September!

Los Angeles with Catalyst Con West


Fascinating and Frustrating: When Your Sex Work Becomes Your Sex Life
Amy Butcher, Eve Minax, Sinclair Sexsmith, TT Baum

Saturday Sept 13th

As sex positive professionals, sometimes what we do for work becomes the only sex we have. Whether you are the sex geek academic whose writing and teaching have taken the passion out of the physical act, the escort who must choose between lovers and clients, or the porn actor whose personal love making feels scripted, all of us experience these phenomena in one form or another.

Also, most people, inside and outside of the sex industry, can assume that we as sex positive professionals are regularly having lots of great and easy sex. But this is not always the case. As much as we talk about sex, the sad thing is we rarely talk about how our work impacts our sex lives. How do we find balance between our professional scenes, and our private bedrooms and play-spaces? Who do we confide in when our partners just don’t understand? What do we do when our client boundaries get fuzzy as we forget that we need intimacy too? How has your sex life changed since you have become a sex professional?

Join Eve Minax, Sinclair Sexsmith, Amy Butcher, and TTBaum as they bring this unspoken subject out into the light for dialogue, discussion and some creative problem solving!


12:00 pm – 1:30 pm San Francisco Armory

Lock and Load: Extreme Tease and Denial through Milking, Forced & Ruined Orgasms and Chastity Training

Tease and Denial is truly delightful for all involved. Advanced techniques for controlling orgasms can have a remarkable impact when sexually training your slave.

Come learn how to take your tease and denial to the next level. We will discuss forced orgasms, and ways of taking what is normally pleasurable and making it painful. Chastity training is central to any regimen of orgasm control, so we will discuss general considerations, specific devices, and chastity games that one can play. And what would chastity be without those wonderful accompaniments: ruined orgasms, prostate milking, and extreme teasing? Find out how to keeping the plumbing in order while still keeping your slave denied and on the edge of their seat. This class encourages Dom/mes/subs of all genders and the demo will be determined by best suited applicant.



Seeking Handy Folk and Sincere Artists

I’ve been getting more and more Interior Design work lately, and as I do, I also get painting, electrical, upholstery and general handyman requests. Sometimes specialized projects are needed.

Looking for kink friendly individuals/teams who are reliable, efficient, and par excellence.

Please contact eve@eveminax.com with references and a brief history/CV and for more information.


415 994 2887

Bang! Breath, Bondage & Blood: A Saint Valentine’s Festivity

February 14, 2014 – 7:00 pm –  1:00 am

@ Alchemy Estate 

$25 in advance, $30 last minute

That moment when Cupid’s arrow plows your ass.
That moment when the whip cracks your flesh.
That moment when your lover smashes into your deepest orifice.

Check it out, ancient rituals and festivities leading up to our current Hallmark notions of Valentine’s Day included She-Wolves, Thong Beatings, Vestal Virgins, Beastly Bondage, Ritual Sacrifice, Wicked Mothers and Fat Babies shooting love arrows into people’s asses.

Let’s revamp history by celebrating love of all things Kink. The primary theme for this Valentine’s Day bash is Breath, Bondage and Blood. So be you a twisted sweetheart with revenge issues, a hunter seeking its prey, or a delighted Cupid armed with bow and arrow, come out and play!

The amazing Cleo Dubois of the Academy of SM-Arts will lead her orgiastic flogging circle. Also expect Deep Probings and Multiple Surprises by other guests. Be prepared for a debauched encounter of love, kink and sadomasochism.

Libations: Metaphorical sacrificial goat and wine (meaning warm taste treats and adult beverages, amongst other things). Bringing your version of edibles encouraged.

Come at 7:00pm for a special play shop with Eve Minax on Breath Control, Improvisational Bondage, and Blood Sacrifice. In other words: Primal Play.

Mingling at 8:30
Flogging circle at 9:00

Mark your calendar for this richly debauched feast of Breath, Bondage, and Blood!

Tickets purchased only in advance at: bang.brownpapertickets.com.

Tickets will NOT be available at the door.
We’ll put your name on the will-call list at the door.

Exact Address given at ticket purchase.

Quandary: Negotiating and Troubleshooting Your Scenes

May 19, 2013 3:00 PM

Asking for what you want is hard. Getting what you want is harder. Accepting and rolling with it when you do not get what you want is even harder still. How do we get what we want in scene and give our partner what they want so everybody wins?

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