Evolutionary Explorations

Hello My Lovely Erotic Explorers,

Welcome Spring!

We just finished an incredible weekend bonding with an amazing group of eight women all perfecting their skills and savvy in Erotic Dominance. Gaining more creativity, pleasure, and spontaneity in play brings more confidence!

Our next Intensive is for male tops and switches and occurs in June. For more information, check the SM-Arts website.

The Lair

The Lair is up and running and becoming more functional and beautiful all the time. I recently acquired a Venus for Men and I still have my Black Magic XL
In synch with each other, I call it the Decimator! Ask me about it:)

DomCon Guest of Honor

Los Angeles May 13th-17th: I’m excited this year to be a Guest of Honor at DomconLA . I have not been in five years and will be presenting an industry only panel. It will be a great joy to see colleagues and clients of course. Looking very much forward to this!

Memphis, Tennessee

May 18th-30th Memphis, Tennessee Just after DomCon, I am flying out to Memphis to take a lead role in a forthcoming film by Madsen Minax called Kairos Dirt. Although I will be quite concentrated on my performance, I may have special time available for teaching and training. Ask!

And of course, those of you who know me well, know I’ve been looking forward to my fiftieth birthday for years now. It’s June 20th. I am planning on something special each month for the year. Some fresh ideas are: taxidermy class, tap dance lessons, sailing, and trips to France, Bali, and Mexico! If you’d like to ameliorate my well being and incite my vast imagination, I encourage you to donate some energy or services. Contact me  for more information on how you can make my 50th birthday special.

Presents are lovely, but the gift of your being is also a treasure. Consider booking a session in SanFrancisco.

In love and kink,

Eve Minax