A Smack of News!

Hello Dear Loved Ones and Curious Folk,

Apologies for the long delay since my last missive. A season has passed, (or two), including holidays and I have been to Australia and Thailand since I last wrote, maybe more.

In any case, I am writing this newsletter with a brief update to tell you I have not forgotten you at all. On the contrary, if you look at one of my two websites, you will note that I have been overtly concerned with your well being. So much so, that I have also learned things like putting certain words into my announcements may toss them directly from your spam bot into a spam folder – something I wish no part of.

Sooo, suffice it to say for now that I dearly wish for you to keep in touch, read my postings on twitter and facebook, and generally keep abreast of the workings around world peace.

On another individual note, I have to move the Mini Mansion and Dungeonette! I am hoping to stay in/ near the Mission District of San Francsico, but am amenable to other options. See my posting on craigslist for more info.

And the classes I’ve presented, wow! Upcoming ones I will tell you more about as the time draws nearer, stay tuned.

Most importantly and immediately, It’s the Naked Kinky Truth!

Cleo Dubois and I need just one more man in order to hold this very intimate weekend workshop on playing with erotic power May 5-6 in San Francisco. The Erotic Dominance Weekend Intensive is interactive, hands on, step by step training in the SM Arts. Attend alone or with your partner. Email the questionnaire to CleoDubois@sm-arts.com by Friday!

Finally, this newsletter is also a test to see who is still with me on this work, so feel free to respond – either directly or in comment form.

And in the meantime…may all your kinks come true!

In love and kink,


Polyamory, Kink, Ecstasy and Relationships!!!!

Fabulous talk with Monika from Sexporations with Monika on the complexities of polyamory, how to relay kinky or taboo desires,  desires, relationship talk  and how “Ecstasy is Necessary” at Barbara Carella’s book signing at Good Vibrations in San Francisco last month! Listen and Let Me Know What You Think! Sexplorations With Monika