Minax Method (Now Being Revamped for Online Training)

Cultivating Kick Ass Kinksters for over twenty years, Eve Minax synthesizes their experience for you in a new series, The Minax Method. Since there is no one answer for all human relationships, this is a non-method method, The Minax Method focuses on improvisation, authenticity, and badassery with curiosity, compassion, and connection. 

Each class can stand on its own or offered in day long, weekend long, week long or weekly sessions. Tuition determined accordingly. Some Work Exchange and reduced rates possible, please inquire directly to eveminax@gmail.com.

ALL classes are meant for curious and/or experienced folk, private and professional players, all genders and persuasions. We respect you and want you to be the kick ass kinkster we know you to be, so bring an open mind, questions, and any challenges you have.


The Minax Method Overview

1st Session 

Psychic Waste Management

It’s Not What You Do But How You Do It! Negotiating Consent  and Creating a Scene

You Want What? Negotiating Consent

We’ll Cover: How to negotiate swiftly and efficiently, with questions, quizzes, being real, getting your your needs met as top or bottom. What is the goal? ie, fun, therapeutic, physicality, what’s the flavor?

When Push Comes to Shove: Pushing Boundaries

We’ll Cover: Post negotiation, how do you push upon the play in a safe and sexy way?

We’ll share scenes pushing the boundaries, checking in, keeping it hot

Shit’s Gonna Happen, How to Deal With it When it Does

So you’ve negotiated a scene, even had some play, and doh! Things didn’t go as expected.

We’ll Cover: Different techniques for troubleshooting in the moment, handling matters post scene, and cleaning up the mess, (usually psychological), down the road.


2nd Session 

Psychology of the Scene

The Thread: D/s 

Direction, Clarity, Follow Up, Reward and Punishment, Holding Space as the Dominant

Domestic Discipline: Spanking, Paddling and Caning

Desire Drive and Impetus: Fetishes and Tease and Denial. The power of observation, the tease, the push

When Archetypes Collide: From Playful Role Play to Wild Fantasies


3rd Session

Tease to Please

Lock and Load: From Tie and Tease to Chastity Please

Parts is Parts (how to play with all genitals)  genitorment for everyone

Gender Journeys: Cross dress, feminization, gender spectrum


4th Session

Mad Medical Play

Setting the Clinic: General Practitioner, Pediatrician, Veterinarian?

You’re Going to Need an Enema For That! The Many Ways of Enema Play

Bottoms Up: Anal Play from Top to Bottom


5th Session

Zips, Clips, and Holes (or Mad Medical Part 2)

Zippity Do Da: Estim from TENS to Wands

Urethra Frankly: Catheters, Dilators, Sounds

Needling Playfully: Sharps and Such 


6th Session

Psychic Waste Management Facilitating Healing Through BDSM

When Altered States Matter 

The Umph! Embarrassment to Humiliation (Fuck is Swifter than the Cry?)

The Trance: Guided Visualization and Hypnosis as “Forced” Anything

Guided Play (mummification vacation, animal; alchemy, gender journey


Finale (Day Long or Weekend)

Psychic Waste Management: Pulling it All Together, Troubleshooting, With Intention and Care

Creating Power Imbalance in Order to Rebalance Power or taking down your submissive to build them up again

Bring Your Scenes to Deconstruct in Group



Dubbed by her peers as the “Approachable Pervert”, Domina, Kink Educator and Author Eve Minax delights in proliferating carnal knowledge. She relishes training folk desirous of gaining deeper insight into erotic domination and submission – which is not limited to physical skills.

Minax developed her repertoire in BDSM in France, Australia, and the U.S. and currently resides and practices her art in San Francisco. She has honed her pedagogical skills at a plethora of conferences over the years, and was the coordinator for CineKink:Chicago and the LA&M Road show.

She has been acting as Lead Staff Instructor for the Cleo Dubois Academy of SM Arts since 2002 and has also sat on the board of CARAS (https://carasresearch.org/) and TASHRA(http://www.tashra.org/).

Minax is a certified Urban Tantrika https://barbaracarrellas.com and Bondassage https://www.bondassage.com/eve-minax/ Practitioner and trainer.  She has self-produced over 100 videos and also shoots for well known bondage sites like bondageland.com and seriousbondage.com. Find her at www.eveminax.com or www.mistressminax.com.

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