Five Books for Kink/Poly Beginners

I was just responding to a follow up email from a wonderful couple who started working with me last week and I wanted to give them a few options on reading material for their newfound kink and potential polyamory. It seemed logical to share them with you also!

These five have ranked in my “go to” and return to books that discuss kink and/or polyamory.

~Come Hither


~Screw The Roses, Send Me the Thorns

Devon and Miller

~The Ethical Slut

Easton and Hardy

~ Consensual Sadomasochism

Henkin and Holiday

~Opening Up


Although I LOVE all of them,  I would certainly appreciate having additional options for POC, People with Different Abilities, Senior/Mature sex especially in regards to Kink/BDSM.

What are your thoughts?

In Love and Kink,


Addendum: many folks have pointed out to me that The Bondassage book, written by me and Jaeleen Bennis is a great beginner tool to take it from sensual to kinky, and that I am remiss in not mentioning it. Call it my Midwest modesty, but it seemed to forward to put it in, apologies!