New Year Explorations, January 2014

Hello and Happy New Year Dear Sensual Explorers!

Well, it’s that time of year when people start thinking about New Year’s resolutions and all the new ways of being that they are going to embrace. If you know me, you know that I am not a firm believer in so called resolutions. I feel that setting oneself up for potential failure can actually be potentially detrimental to personal growth. I wonder why we don’t espouse RadicalSelf-Acceptance or Being Here Now as our yearly mantras. That is not to say that one need not be introspective and open to change, but that it’s a balance between loving who we are and leaning into change.

Being aligned with one’s core values and setting goals to achieve those values can be a great way of evolving into the human we so wish to be from the inside out.  So, if you value adventure, then setting goals to improve your sexual explorations is one way to help you achieve that goal. Of course you know me, the education Queen, so I say a great way to improve sexual interloping is to take classes on a variety of topics around sex and sexuality.

Speaking of which, the next Erotic Dominance Intensive is coming up January 24th-26th and space is limited. Setting a resolution to become the next outstanding professional female dominant in a year is a tough call, but achieving your goal to tremendously improve your professional skills is quite possible in the weekend Intensive. Not only will you learn new practical skills and improve on old, you will also learn to connect more deeply with your partners and clientele, creating and solidifying relationships. Further, you will find camaraderie amongst your peers in an intimate educational setting with myself and Cleo DuBois, having more than 40 years experience between us. For further information, please go to the SM-ARTS website for more information or to apply.

Looking ahead, I will be presenting “A Touch of Kink: Bondassage, Kinky Erotic Massage Tips and Tricks for Lovers” on February 4th at the SF Citadel…just in time for that gooey love bucket holiday.

Until then, in love and kink,