Ah, Chastity!

Ah Chastity!

Controlling one’s mind is a particular pleasure for me, but I also value controlling the body as well. Of course being in charge of both can be a particularly challenging, albeit rewarding, conquest. Being a woman who takes control seriously, (did you see my interview with Mark Burnley?, I find that the best way to fully control my subject’s body and mind is through chastity training. What I really appreciate about chastity is that it is a great way to modify the behavior of another through physical means. Many people, and in this case men, are terrified of having their parts non accessible for their on demand masturbation sessions. Of course you can command they not touch themselves, or even instruct them to masturbate as you desire, but left to their own devices, (usually the hands), most people will find it extraordinarily difficult not to spank that monkey, and lose their sacred seed, as it were.

Losing one’s seed has many connotations, the least of which is a state of agitation or ADD. I find that once orgasms are under control, the mind and body can merge with the soul with more ease creating an erotic state of grace.  I like the CB series because their plastic devices are lightweight, pretty, and easy to pass through security while traveling. Of course being plastic, they can crack or split sometimes, but they can also make perfect starter pieces. I had three subjects try three different models with varied results: the CB3000, CB6000, and the CB5000. All my flaccid and dominated subjects were pleased of course, but not without critique. Particularly if you are new to chastity, I suggest starting with a CB model, then, if you find it suits your personality, get a few different models for hygiene and variety. If you want to explore more, go all out with a custom device from Chastity Heaven.

Of course there are many other options on custom devices, ask me!

Remember also, that pain is not optional in life, but suffering is. Let your “suffering” bring the Dominant pleasure and allow your chastity to reveal the liberation of your libidinal soul.
Enjoy your new state of bliss!