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Saturday, July 9th, Lock and Load: Extreme Tease and Denial through Milking, Forced & Ruined Orgasms and Chastity Training

Tease and Denial is truly delightful for all involved. Advanced techniques for controlling orgasms can have a remarkable impact when sexually training your slave. Come learn how to take your tease and denial to the next level. In this class Minax will discuss forced orgasms, and ways of taking what is normally pleasurable and making […]

Sunday, July 10th, The Fuck is Swifter than the Cry: Raping with Intent and Care

Fantasies of rape and violation are powerful and appealing, but are also challenging to properly fulfill. How can we abduct, control and violate someone in a way that is erotically satisfying for all parties? How can we “rape” with severity but without lasting damage? From the psychological preliminaries, to the actual enactment, to the aftershocks, […]

If Women Can Ejaculate, Why Can’t Men Lactate?

The public speaks out about the amount of work involved in breast feeding, which clearly Michael Thomsen did not undertake, but I love the concept! Just the thought of women ejaculating and men lactating is enough for me to feel great joy because I appreciate variety in society.

How do you Identify?

This is an interesting and provocative piece on heteroflexibility, a new term being used to describe someone who is primarily hetero id’ed, but plays well with others. Identification can be a touchy subject as you will see from some of the comments.

From Medical Play to Spanking Good Fun!

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon, Mother’s Day in fact, when I was to present Medical Play from Fantasy to Heavy Edge at the Looking Glass in Oakland.  A gorgeous space if you are not familiar with it – an open loft, crisp, clear, clean, but just sultry enough for all forms of Erotic Edge […]