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The Leather Veil: Transparency in Sexual Communication

I’ve heard the term transparency in communication bandied about quite a bit lately.  So much so that even a woman of my ilk, (an all out brutally honest communicator), is beginning to feel a little suspect on its varied meanings. I mean really, what does it mean to be fully “transparent” with another and when […]

July 6th, 7th & 8th – Erotic Dominance Intensive for Professionals

The next course will be July 6-8, 2012 at a private SOMA dungeon in San Francisco.Three full days of intimate seminars and powerful hands-on playshops that will deepen your understanding of fetishists and submissives as well as develop your Dominant Persona. Expand your repertoire of skilled scene techniques.

Rent Me in Chicago or My Space in San Francisco!

Hello! As you may know I am headed to Chicago May 18th – 26th and will be taking sessions with clients old and new. I am actually well booked right now, so I suggest you contact me sooner than later to arrange a possible session. I love working with individuals and couples who are exploring […]

Springidy Ding in Chicago!

A short and sweet note to my Dear Loved Ones and Curiosity Seekers, This Spring has proven to be highly metamorphic for me (not the cockroach kind). I believe I have been a hesitant caterpillar bumping around my cocoon, banging myself up, and most definitely others; now, starting to feel the chrysalis, at least a […]

A Smack of News!

Hello Dear Loved Ones and Curious Folk, Apologies for the long delay since my last missive. A season has passed, (or two), including holidays and I have been to Australia and Thailand since I last wrote, maybe more. In any case, I am writing this newsletter with a brief update to tell you I have […]

Polyamory, Kink, Ecstasy and Relationships!!!!

Fabulous talk with Monika from Sexporations with Monika on the complexities of polyamory, how to relay kinky or taboo desires,  desires, relationship talk  and how “Ecstasy is Necessary” at Barbara Carella’s book signing at Good Vibrations in San Francisco last month! Listen and Let Me Know What You Think! Sexplorations With Monika