Springidy Ding in Chicago!

A short and sweet note to my Dear Loved Ones and Curiosity Seekers,

This Spring has proven to be highly metamorphic for me (not the cockroach kind). I believe I have been a hesitant caterpillar bumping around my cocoon, banging myself up, and most definitely others; now, starting to feel the chrysalis, at least a molting…that is why I am going to Chicago!

Yes, that’s right, I am back to the Windy City after almost a year hiatus. I will be there from MAY 19th to the 25th, but only accepting appointments from the 22nd -24th.

If you wish to spend some time together, I suggest you arrange it accordingly by contacting me directly at eve@eveminax.com or call me at 415 994 2887.

I’ve had many adventures since last in Chicago and can not only regale you with stories, I can show you what I have learned from my Bondassage training and my San Francsico S_x Information Certification.

Also, the Mini Mansion and Dungeonette will be available for rental while I’m away. Here is a link with some lovely photos and somewhat mild images.

In any case, if local to the Bay, I hope to see you before I leave, and if closer to Chicago, I hope to see you soon….

In Love and Ki–k,


PS: if you wish to be relinquished, please use your safe word.