My Old Friend Humanstic Sex Therapy

I have been agonizing over this controversy for years. To what extent do sex coaches practice “hands on” work and to what extent do we remain “hands off”? It’s been my practice to utilize each, depending on the circumstance, person, and their immediate needs. I love how Pamela Madsen establishes the long history of sex therapy, then deconstructs the current dissonance within the field. I also look forward to the day when we can practice sex therapy professionally; utilizing our skills to the best of our abilities, determining when to move in with physical approaches and when to utilize talk therapies. I am currently working on a practice combining TRE, (trauma/tension release exercises), with yogic postures to open and relax the psoas in order to be more receptive to sexual health and happiness. No matter what the current view is, I know in my heart that the body, mind, and soul all three must be in harmony in order to be more open in general, and most certainly sexually. Namaste! PS: and don’t forget to read Madsen’s article in Psychology Today!