In Defense of Food Play

In Defense of Food Play
by Eve Minax, April 29th, 2010 at 1:28pm

Food…mmm, yummy, delicious food. Like sex, food is the source of life, consequently why shouldn’t it be the source of sex? As you may know, I am an amateur chef, a gourmande, a hedonist, an epicurean, if you will, and food play lets me take my passion to a whole new level of sensual delights! Food play can run the gamut from sensual dinners—one of my recent endeavors is to make sexcipes: delicious grain-, dairy-, and sugar-free meals to be shared before, during, or after play—to force feeding a person all their least favorite foods as an act of surrender.

One of my basic ways of enjoying food play is taking my bound subject and sensually but forcefully feeding them their favorite or least favorite food. How I go about feeding is determined by my subject’s propensities and my desires. If they are a gentle lamb seeking guidance and love, then I engage in sensual play with bondage, sensory deprivation, and perhaps delicious items like chocolate and strawberries. Recently I trussed up my little angel while the pork chops were cooking and, once they were completely bound and snug in the sling, I penetrated my slut with my cock while feeding their mouth pork chops, sweet potatoes, apples, and almonds. Delicious! Of course, allergies and what-have-you are a definite concern. I’m reminded here of a really hot “red” scene where everything I used was red. I made my subject eat a gallon-sized can of beets, rubbing the blood-looking juice all over the body while the subject slowly chewed and swallowed and ate it all for me, only to find out later they normally detested beets. Although it was a huge turn-on for both of us and no one got hurt, it was also a little reminder to check in on allergies ahead of time, just in case.

If my plaything is a bratty masochist and needs to be forced to do things, then I force their least favorite foods in an aggressive fashion! This can be done with aggression and cruelty or as an act of humiliation. One of my favorite food stories ever is when I had my sub in a sling, bound and helpless for my amusement, slowly feeding him food remnants from my garbage. As the scene slowly progressed, his erection grew, and so did my excitement and revulsion. Just as I felt the uncontrollable urge to vomit all over him, he spontaneously ejaculated in a crescendo of ecstasy without even touching his genitalia. It was a rare manifestation of that tenuous line between disgust and turn-on, and an entirely unexpected Roman Shower. It may be hard to believe, but it was magical!

On a somewhat lighter note, food play can be super hot when combined with embarrassment play or age play. Smashing a cream pie lovingly on an adoring face and then (for example) requiring them to dance like a chicken while masturbating with the cream for Mistress’s amusement is a perfect way of combining entertainment with food and sex! Alternately, the act of feeding one’s “baby” can manifest feelings of maternal love and primal nurturing. Of course the embarrassing flip side of that is to feed the adult like a baby because they act like a baby. The embarrassment of being treated like a child can be a great turn-on for both parties, leading to some really kinky semi-incestuous sex.

Finally, sploshing! Perhaps you’ve seen Anne Margaret covered in chocolate and baked beans in the rock musical Tommy? Sploshing is the innocent but somewhat bizarre and intense act of covering your subject with layers of gooey foods like honey, chocolate sauces, whipped cream, syrups, and marshmallow fluff. I love the feeling of the mess as it is squished all over my subject. I myself have sploshed on many occasions; the look and feel of chocolate sauce or honey all over the body is divine. Layering different colors and textures can be quite beautiful and provocative. My friend Master Rick likes to be more sadistic with sploshing, using mustard and tomato sauce because of the smell and the sting. Usually there is no overt sexual action in sploshing, leaving it as a fetishistic foreplay (although some people do take it a step further).

Of course sploshing could lead us to actual sexual activities with foods, but I think I’ll leave that to your imagination. Pity you missed my recent class at Femina Potens, where we inserted veggies and sploshed a virgin! Look for more sexcipes to come. Bon Appetit!