Saturday, July 9th, Lock and Load: Extreme Tease and Denial through Milking, Forced & Ruined Orgasms and Chastity Training

Tease and Denial is truly delightful for all involved. Advanced techniques for controlling orgasms can have a remarkable impact when sexually training your slave. Come learn how to take your tease and denial to the next level. In this class Minax will discuss forced orgasms, and ways of taking what is normally pleasurable and making it painful. Chastity training is central to any regimen of orgasm control. She will, therefore, discuss general considerations, specific devices, and chastity games that one can play. And what would chastity be without those wonderful accompaniments: ruined orgasms, prostate milking, and extreme teasing? Find out how to keeping the plumbing in order while still keeping your slave denied and on the edge of their seat. This class is primarily focused on the male slave, but techniques discussed will be applicable to all. This is a first for Thunder. Don’t miss it!

Sunday, July 10th, The Fuck is Swifter than the Cry: Raping with Intent and Care

Fantasies of rape and violation are powerful and appealing, but are also challenging to properly fulfill. How can we abduct, control and violate someone in a way that is erotically satisfying for all parties? How can we “rape” with severity but without lasting damage? From the psychological preliminaries, to the actual enactment, to the aftershocks, we must conduct our “rapes” with savvy and care. This class will forcefully present the many vicissitudes of violation, with a particular focus on how to ravish safely and erotically. We will primarily focus on violating male bodies, but all genders will be covered, and anal rape will receive special attention since it equalizes us. Bring an open mind, erotic sensitivity and your predatorial or victim drive. This class promises to be intense. So be prepared to be both titillated and made to squirm a bit. It is not to be missed!

July 14th at 7pm on the topic of “Exploring Alternative Relationship Dynamics with in Sex Work”

Femina Potens and Feminist Porn Network are joining together to coordinate an event called “The Other View” which is a roundtable discussion on a different topic each month. There will be food, libations, and lots of great community discussion.
We would love to have your participation as one of our panelists on July 14th at 7pm on the topic of “Exploring Alternative Relationship Dynamics with in Sex Work”. Each participant will be compensated with a $50 stipend.
The discussion will be available for live viewing on and
We would love to start promoting this event as soon as possible so if you can get back to us in the week and let us know your availability that would be much appreciated.

June 12th 12pm-4pm ($10-15) – Summer Seed Swap, Vegan bbq, & Eco Workshops

Drop by for an afternoon of eco friendly skill shares and workshops including:

  • How to make EcoSexual DIY Porn – Madison Young – Noon
  • How to talk dirty to an Earth Lover – Tina Horn – 12:30
  • How to make corporal implements of punishment and pleasure out of nature – Eve Minax – 1pm
  • Yoga in the Garden – Selina Raven – 1:30pm
  • Learn how to make a strap-on out of recyclables – Rain DeGrey – 2pm
  • How to make compost for your urban garden – DizDog – 2:30
  • How to five an eco-friendly make over by make up artist Pia – 3pm

Bring seeds to swap with participants and enjoy a vegan bbq grill out.
Located at TallTreeTambo – 776 Haight Street (@ Scott Street).
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If Women Can Ejaculate, Why Can’t Men Lactate?

The public speaks out about the amount of work involved in breast feeding, which clearly Michael Thomsen did not undertake, but I love the concept! Just the thought of women ejaculating and men lactating is enough for me to feel great joy because I appreciate variety in society. Read more

Genius and Science

Interesting piece to consider how science has improved our intellect. I still wonder how it’s affected empathy and compassion. Read more

How do you Identify?

This is an interesting and provocative piece on heteroflexibility, a new term being used to describe someone who is primarily hetero id’ed, but plays well with others. Identification can be a touchy subject as you will see from some of the comments. Read more

From Medical Play to Spanking Good Fun!

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon, Mother’s Day in fact, when I was to present Medical Play from Fantasy to Heavy Edge at the Looking Glass in Oakland.  A gorgeous space if you are not familiar with it – an open loft, crisp, clear, clean, but just sultry enough for all forms of Erotic Edge Play. My demo bottm, “Patient X” accompanied me all geared up and ready for action. I had promised him that if the crowd seemed amenable, then he would be our special subject for intensive procedures. They were. I hooded Patient X into a Studio Gum respirator hood, (as demoed here, only mine is medical red) strapped him into a dental chair, pumped his cock with a made to order tube from Naughty Pumps, then left him in the care of Nurse Isabel whilst I took the patient history from our lovely female subject fresh out of the audience. After testing her nipples and  reproductive organs for sensitivity, I left her with her practicing “GP” to turn our attention back to Patient X. Several colleagues assisted me while I attached e-stim to his prostate, pierced his nipples, and catheterized him while procuring a semen specimen. Our female subject masturbated for a specimen while I took Q and A at the end.  All in a day’s work! Both patients assured me they felt much better:) My Spanking Class at Good Vibrations should be terrific tomorrow, one of the students volunteered his girl with a peachy little behind;)