An Education in Violation Play – Thursday, May 16th

Violation or “Rape” Play can be a highly sensitive subject. Come learn more about the whys and hows in a safe and welcoming environment!  Thursday May 16th SF Citadel 8pm The Fuck is Swifter than the Cry: Raping with Intent and Care

Erotic Dominance Intensive with Cleo DuBois

For Women:

April 8th and 9th
San Francisco
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Why It’s so Frustrating to Educate Kink and BDSM

This is quite possibly the best essay I’ve ever read arguing for more education of the writers who wish to condemn kink and BDSM. Read more

Let’s talk about Orgasm!

Mary Roach is a hilarious and provocative writer. I love her book “Stiff” on the history of the cadaver, and of course “Boink” has become the sexpert’s staple. Read more

Erotic Dominance Intensive for Men with Cleo DuBois

March 9th and 10th
San Francisco
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The Doctor Is In! – Medical Play from Fantasy to Heavy Edge with Doctor’ Eve.

Join “Doctor” Eve as she provides a broad introduction to this fantastic form of play. Medical play is wonderfully suited to expressing Dominance and submission, and can involve anything from fantasy play to extreme procedures. Read more