Genius and Science

Interesting piece to consider how science has improved our intellect. I still wonder how it’s affected empathy and compassion. Read more

How do you Identify?

This is an interesting and provocative piece on heteroflexibility, a new term being used to describe someone who is primarily hetero id’ed, but plays well with others. Identification can be a touchy subject as you will see from some of the comments. Read more

From Medical Play to Spanking Good Fun!

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon, Mother’s Day in fact, when I was to present Medical Play from Fantasy to Heavy Edge at the Looking Glass in Oakland.  A gorgeous space if you are not familiar with it – an open loft, crisp, clear, clean, but just sultry enough for all forms of Erotic Edge Play. My demo bottm, “Patient X” accompanied me all geared up and ready for action. I had promised him that if the crowd seemed amenable, then he would be our special subject for intensive procedures. They were. I hooded Patient X into a Studio Gum respirator hood, (as demoed here, only mine is medical red) strapped him into a dental chair, pumped his cock with a made to order tube from Naughty Pumps, then left him in the care of Nurse Isabel whilst I took the patient history from our lovely female subject fresh out of the audience. After testing her nipples and  reproductive organs for sensitivity, I left her with her practicing “GP” to turn our attention back to Patient X. Several colleagues assisted me while I attached e-stim to his prostate, pierced his nipples, and catheterized him while procuring a semen specimen. Our female subject masturbated for a specimen while I took Q and A at the end.  All in a day’s work! Both patients assured me they felt much better:) My Spanking Class at Good Vibrations should be terrific tomorrow, one of the students volunteered his girl with a peachy little behind;)

Exciting resource on sexuality and sex education!

Drum roll please…and now for another exciting resource on sexuality and sex education! Eros World News

Branding Yourself as a Sex Educator

If only I understood the business aspects of this, lol Branding

Compassion Redux: Brilliant and Kind

I love this talk! It’s such an important overview at what I’ve been studying and practicing for years. Please click on the video to watch … Read more

May 20-22: Weekend Intensive for BDSM Couples

There will also be a Meet and Greet and course introduction on Friday, May 20, at a private San Francisco location. Read more