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Dominatrix in San Francisco

Bondage, Discipline, Domination, Submission, Sadism, Masochism, (BDSM), and Kink. Relax, I’ve got you…


Dominatrix San Francisco

I was initially drawn to BDSM and kink through my immense curiosity, deep sense of adventure, and an profound drive for clear consent. Immediately, I began to recognize this realm as a excellent resource for self development and healing. Twenty years later, as a professional dominatrix,  I find myself continuing the work of clarifying confusion, guilt, and shame around desire through extended erotic explorations around gender and sexuality.

If you find any of this resonates for you, then you’ve come to the right place.

Upon your initial contact with me, I will want to hear about your interests and experiences thus far, and why, specifically, you are reaching out to me. I will provide you with an initial consultation to determine how I may meet your needs and continue to fulfill my life’s work. Once we have determined compatibility, we will organize a meeting where we will begin the process of meeting those needs in a more discreet atmosphere. Rest assured, no judgments, and if I cannot provide what you seek, I will refer you to a colleague who will.

Not sure what you are looking for?

I can help with that as well.

With compassion, commitment, and extreme delight in the work, let’s explore a myriad of possibilities to liberate a better you safely in my care!

The Power of knowing oneself is to understand the depth of humanity in all its aspects.

A talented and caring “Psychic Waste Manager,” I take all the old matter that has been weighing you down and clean it up for you, recycling it into a bright and shiny newness, allowing you to return to the mundane world with more pep in your step and vitality!

Want to explore  POSSIBILITIES?

Here’s an exciting VIDEO explaining BDSM and Kink in 69 seconds. Now that’s encapsulation!

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Did you know educating people about BDSM and Kink gives me a huge boner?

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Professional Education and Bondassage Training

Bondassage and Elysium Training

If you’re thinking about improve your bodywork practice, or would just like to expand your repertoire and delight those you touch, I invite you to explore Bondassage® training ~ a delightfully sensual, truly unique experience that will have your friends, partners, lovers, and clients clamoring for more.

You’ll gain the skills and the tools you need to create the outrageously unique Bondassage Experience for your friends, lovers, or clients. Expand your skill set and delight those you touch.

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Dominatrix Training

One Day Dominatrix Training focusing on anything from 101 to intense procedures. Based on your needs/interests.

Two Day Dominatrix Training includes special interests like Cross Dressing, D/s/ both Fantasy and Reality, service and protocol, all fetishes, how to conduct scenes from playful fantasy to intense scenarios, can include e-stim, catheters, sounds, needles or any other desires you may have.

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