I studied in the U.S. France and Australia and hold an MA in French and English Literatures with a concentration in Feminist Studies. My interests have been varied and extensive over the years and I use all my skills whether they be directly related to Kink and BDSM or not. Besides Literature and Theatre, some areas of study that I have completed and incorporate directly into my repertoire are:

Cleo Dubois Academy of SM Arts Professional Course where I honed my already vast BDSM skills and now act as Lead Staff Instructor, Fakir Musafar Piercing Schoolwhere I learned to use piercing as a ritual tool for personal transformation, Barbara Carellas’ Workshop on Urban Tantra integrating the heavy edges of Kink and BDSM with the ancient practices of Tantric Bliss. I also became a Bondassage Practitioner incorporating my love of bondage, sensory deprivation and muscle release and control, and most recently, I became SFSI certified  (San Francisco Sex Information Sex Ed Certification) expanding my sexuality studies. Finally, I have completed over 300 hrs of alternative sexuality workshops at various conferences in addition to teaching.

You may enjoy some of my self produced videos at my Clips4Sale store  or at other sites I’ve shot with over the years: www.seriousbondage.com and www.aliceinbondageland.com.

Some of my other video work over the years includes Dominatrix Waitrix  2003, Night Fangs 2005, and Trial Run 2006.

My writings can be found online and off, in the following publications:

Behind the Whip, Maria Coletsis, 201

Managing Psychic Waste: Transcendance Through Humiliation, “Spirit of Desire: Personal Explorations of Sacred Kink”, Harrington, 2011

Welcome to My Parlor, www.carnalnation.com



Some of my particular specialties include but are not limited to the following:

  • Bondage, from light restraint to heavy predicament.
  • Domestic Discipline, spanking, paddling, and caning.
  • Corporal Discipline, whipping and flogging.
  • Sensory stimulation, deprivation, mummification, altered states.
  • Gender Play, from cross-dressing to complete transformation.
  • Domestic Servitude, including, but not limited to, sissy-maid training.
  • Objectification, in all forms including inanimate objects.
  • Medical and Tension Play, including electricity and invasive procedures.
  • Specialized Fetishes, tickle torture, shaving, rubber and others.
  • Animal and Age Play, dog, pony, and kitten training, fantasy only

Financial Devotion

It has been my experience that there are some who enjoy financial slavery or financial servitude; however, in My world, I am not interested in calling you a pig or a slut every other word nor do I wish to suck your bank account dry. Nonetheless, should you have a desire to offer Me your financial devotion, I am amenable – providing your intentions are serious. If Financial Devotion interests you, send Me a private email with your personal information including full name, specific interest, and a brief (no more than 100 words) proposal for what you seek. I will respond with explicit instructions on how to proceed.

New and interesting concepts and practices engage my extraordinary imagination and vision. I look forward to expanding your horizons with deep wit, piercing questions and penetrating thoughts.

DomCon Guest of Honor for 2015