A journey in seductive feminism…

Metaphysically motivated, I am a cultural interloper whose explorations in literature, spirituality, gender theory, theatre, circus, clowning and sex work have helped make me the generous, sensual, compassionate, and kinky woman I am. Most of my adult life has been spent teaching or performing, hence my understanding of how theatrics and personal training converge to create magical reality is immense.

Whether I apply a gentle caress or a harsh stroke, my sentiments are the same: to bring you the most profound and profane experience you could possibly endure.

I believe in the healing powers of bondage/discipline, dominance/submission, sadism/masochism (bdsm) and their potential transcendence to the divine. I cherish assisting others in arriving at those divine spaces and beyond when possible.

Although corporal punishment and pain are incredible tools for psychic release, I feel that conscious and consensual power exchange can manifest itself in many forms. I need not touch you physically in order to motivate you beyond the mundane. Consequently, I encourage you to offer creative and compliant suggestions even though it will be I who ultimately constructs and administers the training programs and scenarios.

Finally, the term “Safe, Sane, and Consensual” can be ambiguous at best, please be assured I will respect your limits while encouraging you to expand them.

Couples, sincere novices, sissies, and devoted foot worshippers are always welcome in My domain. Whether you require training, education or consulting, please be assured that your session time will be personalized to meet your specific needs and expand your desires.

Besides English, I also speak French and am available to travel worldwide.